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Connie is a fantastic real estate agent! and this is why: We were living in France, did not know anything about Chicago real estate landscape, and only had a couple of weeks to find a home.... mission impossible! Connie took us under her wing: while we were still in France, we had a number of discussions for pre-screening; then we came to Chicago and during a full week, dawn to dusk, we explored every possibility - from buy to rent and from low, medium and high budget. This was about learning a full market in 1 week so that we could take the appropriate decision for ourselves. And while that week was somewhat tense for us, Connie was able to make it an enjoyable experience. While we were back in France, Connie followed through the full purchase process with us, making sure that we understood each step of the way...Today, we are in our new Chicago home and we know that if we need too, we can reach out to Connie.

Isabel Jones, Lincoln Park

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